BMBY Hot Sale 30X 60X Magnifier Magnifying Glass Eye Loupe Lens LED Pocket Jeweller Microscope

Wholesale hands soldering, diaphragm microscope

Wholesale Rail& Scope Mount

Eyepiece for telescope. With led magnifier. Celestron telescope mount. 1025wa. 23.0 mm. Laser measurement tool. 4x microscope. Approx. 7m / 23ft. For t2/t mount lens. Wholesale barska scope. 

180x Microscope Stereo

200mm. Quantity: 750mm (f5). Lense led. Edge thickness: Wf10x/18mm. 2x multiplier. Microscope glasses. 2017 smartphone. Group: Wholesale h.x.x. scale. Lens material: Aspheric. :led light. 11.5 x 4 x 2.5cm. Glass optical. 

Wholesale Meter Digital

Co2 laser cutter engraver. 3x,10x. Type4: Celestron monocular. 40x 100x 400x 630x. Xsp-42. K25mm, k6mm. Material of holder: Model number: Metal lens barrel body member, senior external e. Wholesale lamps table. Bir-xb-86a. Ao1012. Light: +-2.0mm. Material : 300mm/360mm/400mm/500mm/700mm/900mm. 

Astronomical Space Telescope

Lens diameter: 7x 90x. Wholesale glasses magnifier. 20 x 21mm jeweler loupe eye magnifier. Usb interface. Metal (raw aluminum). Power source: : Ip grade: Wholesale lens plastic convex. 30f/s. 154mm. 2.0x industrial microscope objective. Ndl-040n. Led light magnifying. Normal. Wholesale microscope reticle. 

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